Sunday, February 15, 2009

Discworld - Death and Rincewind

Death is one of the most fascinating characters in Pratchett's novels. He isn't cruel, he just fulfills his duty. And he likes cats!
The miniature of Micro Arts Studios new range is - like all miniatures of this range - of very high detail. The Death of Rats standing at his side is just one of the things, fanciers of the Discworld Novels will notice at once when looking at those beautiful pieces made of tin.

Rincewind is the second miniature i painted from this range - the others will follow sooner or later (my heart says soon, but my upcoming exams say later...). I just love the way he stands there with his shoulders hanging down. Painting him was great fun, although it's hard painting those red areas. However, i'm very satisfied with him.

A great inspiration for painting the Discworld Miniatures is the book 'The Art of Discworld' (dt. 'Die Kunst der Scheibenwelt') which features tons of drawings and illustrations of all of Pratchett's characters from Paul Kidby. It's not hard to see, which illustrations the sculptors of Micro Art Studios used as a reference.


  1. Very good choice and paint job! I thought several times on buying Death, too. The model looks great. I really like your hour glass painting, perfect I must say. The only thing I don´t appreciate is the typo. It looks somewhat too plain. Maybe another typeface, mor fantasy like, would work better.

  2. You got me...
    After seeing your miniatures I bought Sam and Nobby yesterday...^^
    Can't wait painting them. The models are great.