Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Star Wars: Rebel Snowspeeder

Since the last semester was very hard, i hadn't much time for painting. But now i have time enough to work on my projects again. For a start, i tried out building the Snowspeeder from Revell's Star Wars Pocket Model range. Those are relatively cheap prepainted models, which only have to be clipped together. So here's what comes out of the box:

It's very easy to build that model, so it was done in 20 minutes, including cutting the parts out of the sprue. I think its an easy way, to get a ready-to-play Snowspeeder for the Star Wars Miniatures Battles game.

I normaly don't like prepainted models, but in this case (other than the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars CMG) the plastic is normal polystyrol so it should be no problem to fill gaps with green stuff and paint the model normaly. I'll do that some day in the future ;-)
So i hope to write more here, as my projects develop. Samuel Vimes from Micro Arts Studio was finished yesterday. Pics come as soon as possible!

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